Open hours

1st Day of Equipment Checkout & Open Lab is Tuesday the 6th of September 2022

We reopen a couple weeks into the Fall semester.

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Photography Lab Window & Equipment Checkout

Duncan Hall 402 - 9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Thursday PST

408-924-4415 Lab Window

Photography Facilities Coordinator:

Kathleen McDonald


Photography Area Coordinator:

Binh Dahn

One Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192

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Fall 2022 Updates

  • Upcoming Closures:
    • Friday the 11th of November
    • Wednesday the 23rd of November though Friday the 25th of November
  • Equipment is only available to students currently enrolled in photography classes.

  • Check your account details to make sure they are current. You may request an update to your details if they are incorrect or outdated.
  • Equipment can be rented for a length of two weeks. Some equipment is eligible for renewal.


For help requesting and booking equipment review this instructional video: How to Request/Book Equipment

You can also download a PDF oh the instructions: SJSU Photography Rental Instructions

Please see our Equipment FAQ page for any questions you have about renting equipment.

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Equipment Rental Terms & Conditions

The student requesting equipment from Art & Art History Photography Program hereafter referred to as “the student”, agrees that any equipment rented from the Art & Art History Photography Program is the property of San Jose State University.

The students understands that they must be currently enrolled in a photography class to rent equipment.

The student accepts responsibility for the equipment until it is returned to the photography equipment window Duncan Hall 402. 

The student understands that they are responsible for returning the equipment in its entirety and in good working condition to the Photography Area of the Art & Art History Department. 

The student understands that if they do not return the equipment by its due date they will be responsible for the cost or replacement of the equipment.

The student understands that if the equipment is not returned, a hold and fee amounting to the cost of the equipment will be placed upon the student’s records.

The student understands that this contract expires after one semester and agrees to fill out a new one at the start of the next semester as a student at SJSU.

The photography program reserves the right to demand the return of equipment at any time.